What my clients say


Steve, Youth Therapist

"Aleesha's empathy and care is palpable. I feel very seen. Our calls and email exchanges keep me progressing in the right direction. She surfaces ideas, resources and insights that speak to me. Through our work together, I’ve developed more compassion, let go of past regrets, found more meaning, formed healthy habits and mindful practices--all of which have supported me in creating an epic career opportunity that I am now embarking on!" 


W.P., Head of Growth

“I had a flawed idea of what leadership and management meant, but after working with Aleesha, it all clicked for me. I learned how to be a more human leader and manager, resulting in a real phase of personal growth.”


Jess, Research Lead

“Working with Aleesha has resulted in a higher level of autonomy and leadership, and most recently a promotion at work! I am now more effective and also more confident when presenting my opinion, problem solving, and advocating for myself.”

Matt, Marketing Lead

“It's been invaluable to have Aleesha on my side for nearly 3 years! She offers perspective as a coach and as an expert operator and leader. She’s helped me explore my values, navigate my career, and accelerate progress towards my goals!”

Malire, Product Marketing Manager

“I was skeptical of coaching and assumed I'd get generic advice, but this was not the case at all with Aleesha! My values assessment was very illuminating, you took care to understand my new team structure, and helped me effectively show up for my role.”

Eddie, Senior Copywriter

“Aleesha expanded my point of view and ensured my goals weren't only aligned with ambitions, but with my core values. She coached me as a full and complete person. We spent lots of time solving difficult problems and tracking progress. I've since been promoted twice.”


Head of Customer Experience

"Aleesha has helped me level up my role and become a more effective leader. I also appreciate how Aleesha not only focuses on my professional development, but also on my well being. She genuinely cares!"