Integral Leadership Coach

As your coach, I am here to be your guide and ask you the important questions to move you towards the life and career you want. If you're interested, schedule a free 30 minute consultation for discovery and fit. 


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Who do I coach? 
I typically work with individuals who are:


What is my approach?

I take an integral approach to coaching. What this means is, I work with my clients at the level of the “root cause.” So instead of just being focused on the What and How of career and leadership, we go deep on the Who and through that lens we make progress together. So while taking steps to resolve a current situation , I also support my clients to connect more fully to their overall purpose and trajectory.

In addition,

Note: The New Ventures West Integral Coaching methodology that I am getting trained in, integrates teachings of many movements, traditions, fields of study, and people. These include somatics and embodiment, adult development theory, neuroscience, ontology, integral theory, numerous spiritual traditions, and many more.


What is my experience with coaching? 

I have 150+ hours of 1-1 coaching and am currently getting my ICF certification with New Ventures West.

Prior to this, I have 15+ years of corporate experience where I led teams at technology start-ups (LinkedIn, Digit, Brightwheel) and fortune 100 companies (Nike, Chase, Bank of America, J & J) that also included coaching those on my teams. 

Personally through my corporate jobs, I have experienced:


What are my services?
I offer 1-1 individual coaching. This includes:

All sessions are remote, via video or phone, and I  start with a free 30 minute consultation for discovery and fit.


What is my pricing? 

My standard fees are $250 per session, with a minimum commitment of 10 sessions. Having said that, my #1 priority is to support you make progress on your goals and so if my fees are unaffordable, please let me know when you reach out. I follow the honor code and am open to exploring a sliding scale based on how much you’re willing to invest in your development at this stage. 


Why do I coach? 

I coach to make an impact and be in service of others. I achieved this clarity, about my purpose and values,  from working with my own coach a few years ago and I hope to be able to do the same for you--so you too can live your life, personal and professional, with more clarity, intention, and joy.


How is coaching different from psychotherapy?

To simplify, I'll focus on 3 key differences:

  • Orientation: Coaching is more focused on getting you to where you wish to be in the future. In contrast, psychotherapy is more focused on healing from the past
  • Relationships: Coaching starts with the belief that you have the answers within, and so it is more of a partnership. As a coach, my responsibility is to “be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder” as the poet Rumi would say–empowering you to find your own the path to fulfillment. In contrast, psychotherapy is focused on mental health diagnoses and healing where the psychotherapist is the expert
  • Timing: Coaching engagements typically span 6-12 months, with the hope of driving sustainable change. In contrast, healing with pyschotherapy can take years

Note: Depending on your individual needs and goals, there may be a need to work with both a psychotherapist and coaching as many of my current clients do.